Sunday, 8 May 2016

Introducing Living Timber

This month we caught up with Dean Boyd who is the creative mastermind behind Penrith based business, Living Timber. 

How long has Living Timber been around? 
Living Timber is just over 12 months old, but I have been building furniture from reclaimed timber for nearly three years now.

What do you make?
I make all types of furniture, from dining tables, outdoor settings and book shelves to bedside tables and beds. I will tackle any job that comes my way.

What’s your favourite thing to create?
 I enjoy making bedside tables at the moment, because they are a bit more intricate than your everyday dining table.

Do you do custom orders, and if yes, what’s the coolest concept you’ve been asked to bring to life?
Yes I do take on custom work, no job is too small. I think the coolest concept I've had to create so far was a 3.8 meter long floating work station for a local hair salon.

What do you love about working in Penrith?
 I love working in Penrith because I was born and raised here. And it's great seeing familiar faces from the community coming to visit the factory.

Tell us your favourite places to grab a coffee in Penrith
 I'm not a huge coffee fan but I do enjoy visiting the High Street Depot for a bite to eat! 
As well as the corner cafe in my factory unit complex on Borec Road. They have some amazing food there!

What’s the best place for customers to go to check out your stuff?
Everyone is more then welcome to visit the factory at Unit 33/37 Borec Road, if they would like to see some of my pieces in person, or to see some of my previous work you can check out my Living Timber Facebook page here.

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